Opportunity Through Education

The people of Honduras value education. The government provides free schooling to every child through the sixth grade, but the people of the Agalta Valley face hurdles in providing even this basic education to their children. The region’s traditional one-room schools are comparable to those of rural America in the 1800s, and in many cases no teachers can be found to teach in this remote area. In addition, sending a child to high school costs approximately $600 a year – more than the average family makes annually.

Fortunately, change is occurring in the valley.

Agalta residents and volunteers from the United States have built new schools which are operated by an organization called Honduras Outreach Inc. (HOI). Unlike the region’s traditional schools, the HOI facilities have full-time teachers for every grade and run on regular schedules – and HAVE’s purpose is to raise money for these schools. In addition to more than 40 village kindergartens, HAVE works to support Aldersgate Elementary School, Hope Middle School and Grace High School.

The student admission policy is simple:

Students must be from the valley;
They must want to learn;
Their parents must be supportive of their education; and
They must be willing to follow the Rules of Conduct.
Any student agreeing to these tenets may attend the HOI schools free of charge. These schools provide opportunities to hundreds of students who previously had no access to quality education. Community support is measurable, with Parent Teacher Association (PTA) participation as high as 90 percent.

Learn more about how you can help the HAVE Foundation improve the lives of children and their families through education – one student at a time.