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Hondurans call the Agalta Valley paradise. But the difficult journey to this remote region in the mountains of eastern Honduras has resulted in it being largely overlooked by the progress of the last century. Its 50,000 inhabitants face lives of overwhelming poverty, and a lack of schools and access to health care mean there is little opportunity for the valley’s children.

The Honduras Agalta Valley Education (HAVE) Foundation has been working with residents of the Agalta Valley since 2006 to help change that. As a secular non-profit 501(c)((3) organization, HAVE believes that education opens doors for young minds and is committed to providing them access to the knowledge they need to build better lives for themselves and their families.

As part of these efforts, an ever-expanding group of individuals calling themselves the Wilderness Team travels to the Agalta Valley every year to work on a variety of projects intended to improve the educational, commercial and health care prospects for the region’s people.

Learn how you can help the HAVE Foundation improve the lives of the people of the Agalta Valley – one student at a time.

2019 HAVE Foundation Board of Directors

  • Clark Dean, Chair
  • Bob Hope, Vice-Chair & Treasurer
  • George Bennett, Secretary
  • Kathy Bernhardt, Executive Director
  • Trish Byers
  • Liz Burns
  • Anne Cross
  • Julia Hsu
  • Ralph Katz
  • Debra Lowe
  • Dave Moody
  • Chris Schroder
  • Andrew Sewell
  • Laurie Willing
  • Cindy Wilson
  • Diane Napier Wilson

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HAVE Foundation
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Mission Statement


The Honduras Agalta Valley Education (HAVE) Foundation is a secular non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization providing direct financial assistance to local schools in the Agalta Valley in Honduras.

About HAVE Foundation:

Believing that education will open doors to a better future for the children of the Agalta Valley, the Wilderness Team, a diverse group of individuals who for many years has traveled to the valley to partner with its 50,000 inhabitants to improve the quality of life in the region through education, health care, and commerce, founded HAVE in 2006. HAVE’s sole purpose is the funding of efforts to improve education in this remote area of Honduras.

HAVE accomplishes its mission through the funding of equipment, books, computers and other school supplies; teachers’ salaries and training; scholarships to students in the Valley seeking additional education or to learn a commercial trade; and assistance to individuals interested in participating in the Wilderness Team program.

Gifts from individuals and corporations and grants from philanthropic foundations are all sought. HAVE’s board of directors assesses priorities and distributes funds. Since private benefactors underwrite HAVE’s overhead, virtually 100 percent of the donations to HAVE go directly to help the people of the Agalta Valley.