Committed to Progress

Each year, a diverse and growing group of individuals calling themselves the Wilderness Team travels to Honduras’ impoverished Agalta Valley, partnering with its 50,000 inhabitants to improve life in the region through education, better health care and commerce. Hailing from every corner of the United States, the team combines people of all ages from a variety of professions.

This group of travelers is bound by a desire to help, each hoping that their efforts will improve a small part of our world. While in the Agalta Valley, they lodge on a remote ranch and spend their days and nights working on construction projects, assessing the valley’s additional needs, and planning future projects.

To better assist education initiatives in the valley, the Wilderness Team created the HAVE Foundation, a secular non-profit and 501(c)(3) organization designed to raise money to help support the education of children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend a quality school. Money raised by HAVE contributes to everything from teacher salaries to supplying students with uniforms and books.

Learn more about how you can join or support the Wilderness Team and the HAVE Foundation.