Our Next Trip

The dates for our trip in 2018 are Saturday, March 17th, to Saturday, March 24th. We have come a long way since the time 20 years ago when we all got lost in the Miami Airport, prompting us to name ourselves the Wilderness Team. We have traveled over treacherous dirt mountain roads that have now been paved, and the four hour jeep ride to deliver messages from Juticalpa to the ranch has been replaced by cell phones. Where there were no schools, there is now a wonderful school with beautiful students, landscaping and the original Vince Dooley Field. The times spent the first night in the Hotel Honduras in Juticalpa, with steams of water and rodents running around your room and exposed electric wires in the showers are long gone.

This next trip will be a brand new route for the Wilderness Team.

We will be flying into San Pedro Sula and spending the first night in the first rate Hotel Paris in the resort town of La Ceiba on the Caribbean. The Hotel Paris looks very nice.


Bring your swimsuit just in case you want to visit the beach or pool.

Then, we spend an inspiring week on the ranch doing our good deeds for the year, making new friends and working hard in the schools, clinic and villages. Lots of work to do, and lots of fun doing it.

We work hard to help the people of the Agalta Valley served by our hosts, HOI. The ranch where we stay if very comfortable with hot and cold running water, electricity and even wi-fi.

Most of our work with be with the schools and in the medical clinics or villages. We are planning some side trips this year. Also, our water project continues.

Our final night we will stay in El Progreso near the airport in San Pedro Sula at the fabulous Casa Blanca Hotel.


This is going to be the most amazing trip ever.