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Honduran Adventure

The Wilderness Team trip is open to anyone with a willing heart and sense of adventure. The group flies in and out of the airport in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa; they spend a night in the regional capital of Juticalpa followed by an inspiring week in the beautiful Agalta Valley.

In the early years the Agalta Valley was reached via an 8-hour ride over unpaved mountain roads to an area with no phone service, little electricity or running water.  In Juticalpa, the hotel came equipped with the occasional scorpion or rodent and shower water heaters with exposed wiring. 

However, today’s trip is much more hospitable. The hotel in Juticalpa now has a pool and a small gym. The ranch itself has comfortable facilities, reliable electricity and running water, delicious meals and even wi-fi. In the Valley, where there had been few rudimentary schools, there are now modern Hope Schools with uniformed students, landscaping and the Honduran version of UGA’s Vince Dooley Field. The days of travel on kidney-jarring roads in old army trucks are long gone.

While life on the trip is more comfortable now, the work done by the Wilderness Team is more important than ever and the week’s work will both challenge and invigorate.

There are now approximately 60 travelers each trip – enough to accomplish a massive amount of work in a week, while also having a great time.  The options for work range from construction tasks to painting buildings, from arts projects with the children to sewing classes or music lessons. If you have a special skill, the team will try hard to utilize it for the Valley’s benefit.

While there you will make new Honduran and U.S. friends and you’ll see for yourself the quality of life lived in the Valley.  You may work in a village or visit a remote clinic; you may enter the home of a villager to install a water purification unit, or visit the nearest city and meet the mayor.  Where possible, the team arranges a side trip to expand your experience of the region. You will be calmed by the lush, relatively untouched beauty of the Agalta Valley and will work hard in its uncompromising conditions. Though there is always much to do, you will have lots of fun doing it.

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