The Wilderness Team


Banding Together For Progress

Each year, a diverse and growing group of individuals- the Wilderness Team, travel to the impoverished Agalta Valley in east-central Honduras to partner with the local people to improve life in the region through education, better health care and commerce. Hailing from every corner of the United States, the team comprises people of all ages from a variety of professions.

Viva Olancho! The destination, in the state of Olancho, is rustic. Olanchanos themselves call it a “Land of poets and people unrivaled … Land that tastes of affection … Blessed land, bathed in moonlight and sunlight.” Many visitors consider it a paradise, lush and underdeveloped, but it is a difficult region in which to carve out a life.  

Our group of travelers is bound by a desire to make a visible, measurable difference, each hoping that their efforts will improve a small part of the world. While in the Agalta Valley, we are hosted by HOI and lodge at their ranch, spending our days working with the community in the schools, on construction projects and clean water projects, and assessing the Valley’s additional needs for future programs. We work carefully with local leaders to ensure that development meets their goals, and the Wilderness Team is respectful of the need for the local people to determine their development trajectory.

To better focus on educational initiatives in the valley, the Wilderness Team created the HAVE Foundation, a secular, nonprofit and 501(c)(3) organization designed to raise money to support regional education.

Our Next Wilderness Team Trip is March 5-12, 2022.

$1,000 per participant
(airfare not included)

To join the Wilderness Team on their annual pilgrimage to this beautiful, promising region, contact us here:


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